Doodle General Part 3/3

       “I can’t let you do that. I’m sorry.” The General’s lips were set in a grim line.
       “Then we’ve got to to this the hard way.” I replied, rummaging in my drawer. When the Doodle General saw what I held, his face went white with fear.

     “No. Please. We can figure this out…” He stepped away from the title. Silently, I started to lower the eraser toward the General. With four quick rubs, his legs disappeared. The Doodle General wailed in distress.

     “Stop! Stop! I will tell you! Just give me my legs back!” He cried. I drew back his long legs with a few pencil strokes. Then, I leaned forward to learn the secret, my eraser poised in my hand. If I could tell you the secret, there would be no telling what could happen if the knowledge came into the wrong hands. So, I have decided that one person knowing the truth is enough. I was sucked into the comic that day, fluorescent white light reverberating around me as I became a cartoon. The General welcomed me well enough, and since then I could be seen shaking hands with him in the last box. Together, we managed to close the rift and were published the next day and bought by a freckled little girl named Sarah. We were passed down from generation to generation, now an old comic from the golden 90s. If you yourself have any comics at home, be sure to check the last boxes. There’s no telling what you could find…


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