Doodle General Part 2/3

I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Just a green woodland background. I rubbed my eyes again. Nothing. My eyes scanned the paper clustered tables of the office. Was I going mad? You couldn’t just lose a cartoon character. This simply never happened. Feeling dizzy, I sat down.     “Hey you, peasant!” A voice came from the piece of paper, “Where are you? I seem to have gotten a bit lost…”

     I saw, to my amazement, that the Doodle General was leaning on the bright front title and he seemed quite relaxed.

     “Um…Hello General guy…How are you…?” I started.

     “You mean to ask how come I can speak? Good question, m’boy. We live in different worlds. I live in the two dimensional and you live in the three dimensional. We cartoons do not usually move but are forced to, when some dimwit forgets to draw on things before he leaves.” Scribbled smoke emanated from his red face, halfway tucked under his oversized cowboy hat. I brushed through my curly hair. 

     “Erm… That’d be me.” I said rather ashamedly.

     “Oh. Well. No worries, just draw my moustache back on.” He replied, his face clearing.

     “Will this mean that you’ll turn back to normal?”

     “Yes, of course! Don’t you want this comic to be sold? You are a strange little man.”

     “Yes, yes. But just out of interest, is there a way to switch worlds? From real to cartoon?”

     The General went silent. He chewed his lip nervously. Standing upright and adjusting his uniform, he coughed.

     “There is a way. But no. I cannot say. Speaking of it would bring chaos. Opening a rift between our worlds would be extremely difficult to close. Imagine a miniature black hole being made. That would be a very similar example to what would happen if we tried it.” He glimpsed around anxiously.

     “Yes. Can you try doing it? There’s nothing I can get out of my life here anyways.” Feeling insanely radical, I glanced at the clock. 12:05.
To be continued…


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