The Handbag Part 3/3

colin pt 3

School was uneventful, consisting of bullies, math class and bad canteen food. He trudged home again, ate dinner and resolved to place his bag next to the front door before heading to bed. That night, Colin was unable to sleep. He lay in his bed, pondering on the confusing math problem he had to solve for his homework, when it began. A slight creaking of the stairs. No, that’s just his imagination. Another creak. Something was coming up the stairs. It, for he could not be certain of the intruder’s gender, was on the stairs. Minutes passed. There was a bump on the door. It was at the door. With growing anxiety Colin realized that he had forgotten to close the door! Light poured into the room as the door creaked open. It was in his room. He pulled the sheets over his chin. There was the sound of fabric on wood as it moved towards his bed. Silence. Colin was sweating and he could feel his heart pounding in his ears. It climbed his bed. He could feel a tug on his sheets as it dragged itself towards his head. It was on his bed. Colin was frozen with fear. He caught a glimpse of it. It was his bag. A groping pale hand was protruding from the inside of his rucksack. The hand slithered around his neck, tightening its grip. With increasing horror, he felt his life being squeezed out of him. The fingers dug into his skin mercilessly. Before he blacked out, he solved the math problem. The answer was 13.


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