The Handbag Part 2/3

colin 2

Colin looked around. The whole street was deserted, with only a black cat prowling about in an adjacent alley. He picked up his school equipment and threw his old bag in a dumpster. Colin carefully stepped towards this strange rucksack and brushed its bright blue motif with the tips of his fingers. He couldn’t help himself. Stowing away his school things into the otherwise empty bag, Colin put it on and resumed his journey home. He ate a hurried dinner with his parents, hung his new rucksack on his swivel chair and fell asleep before he hit the bed. The next day, Colin had a strange feeling. Groggily, he sat up in his bed. The new bag lay on his lap. Mom or dad must’ve put it there, he figured. Getting up, he hastily snatched a burnt toast from the toaster and went off to school. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened that day. School ended and Colin returned home. He ate dinner once again, finished his homework and went off to bed. This time, Colin decided to place his bag somewhere else. Downstairs, next to a bookshelf. The following day he woke up, got dressed, opened his bedroom door and was surprised to see his bag by a nearby wall. One of dad’s jokes? He proceeded down the stairs with his rucksack and went to school again.

To be continued…


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