The Handbag Part 1/3

Colin pt 1

Colin was a student at Damon High School. The only extraordinary thing about Colin was his abnormal height. Though an eighth grader, he was just as tall as most eleventh graders at school. Nonetheless, he was regularly bullied at school for his scrawny body. His mom knew nothing of this as Colin, like many other children, wasn’t very talkative at home. He was good at most subjects and exceeding at maths and computer science. He had his own PC at home where he would spend most of his spare time. Other than that, he was quite a lonely boy. So not many people noticed his sudden disappearance. It all began on a bleak November evening when Colin was trudging home. He heard a ripping noise and his bag suddenly felt a lot lighter. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a large hole on the bottom of his bag. It was an old rag of a bag he wore since kindergarten. Colin knew that his family was barely earning enough money for him to go to school and he looked around helplessly. He couldn’t believe his eyes: On the pavement, propped up against a graffitied wall, lay a new-looking school bag.

To be continued…


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